Who we are

Who we are

Vedamantra has focused its core businesses and energies on treating and educating its guests in the ancient science of Ayurveda. By setting the highest possible standards of quality and service, Vedamantra has grown in leaps and bounds, and is now one of the leading Ayurvedic destination brands.

With the signature wellness facility in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh Vedamantra has strived towards the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our Ayurvedic Therapy team benefits from the best Ayurvedic training, taking place within the family-run company with all the advantages of our long Ayurvedic lineage.

Based on the traditional diagnosis of Ayurvedic body types and the use of ancient oil therapies, Vedamantra’s Ayurvedic health system is widely accepted as a health rejuvenation plan free of side effects. The treatments at the centers always take place under the supervision of our highly qualified and compassionate doctors.

Those with an interest in complementary or holistic approaches to health should consider starting with the therapy that has the longest lineage. Ayurveda, the ancient health practice of India is thought by some historians to predate even ancient Egyptian medicine. Acknowledged as the inventor of modern day surgery, Ayurvedic Treatments and detoxification methods have remained popular for thousands of years, and their success now precipitates the worldwide spread of this natural and traditional wellbeing knowledge.

The first thing to learn about Ayurveda is that the body must always be viewed as a whole, rather than in its separate parts. This means accepting the body as part of an integrated system, involving mind, body and soul. Ayurveda offers curative, as well as preventative methods of health and understands that a united approach to lifestyle ensures true health and longevity.

While viewing all individuals as part of an interwoven community, Ayurveda also looks deeply into each individual. This is the reason that no two courses of Ayurveda Treatment can ever be the same. Guests undertake an initial consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate Ayurvedic doctors, who remain in a supervisory role in order to tailor their treatments perfectly to their body type and individual health needs.

Part of this initial consultation, or ‘Prakriti Analysis’ is the diagnosis of the individual’s body type, or Ayurvedic dosha. Ayurvedic dosha theory is built upon the ancient metaphysics of the five elements, which appear in different combinations in each of us, forming our unique individuality. The tri-dosha system consists of; Vata Dosha, representing ether and air; Pita Dosha representing fire and water; and Kapha Dosha, representing water and earth.

Our wide variety of Ayurvedic treatments and the presence of expert doctors and therapists provides students at our Ayurveda Institute with the best possible guidance when they undertake a course of Ayurveda training with us.

Founded by Dr. Sahithi( B.A.M.S ), who remain the chief mentors for the Vedamantra group, the next generation has now firmly established itself at the heart of the business activities. Her knowledge of authentic Ayurveda has been handed down through generations of family of doctors; a family lineage that maintains traditional practices to achieve beneficial solutions for modern living, peace, well-being and longevity.